HealthyEats was founded in 2015 by Amber Sease, health and weight loss coach. Amber's idea behind HealthyEats stemmed from her own curiosity about healthy eating and healthier eating resources available within the community! Losing weight and gaining optimal health is especially dependent on good nutrition which is why Amber is so passionate and dedicated to offering her clients and others the perfect resource to have access to establishments that offer healthier eating options!

The HealthyEats card combines two very different concepts, eating out and eating healthy, into one amazingly unique resource! In addition to the restaurants that make eating out healthier a breeze, the HealthyEats card also includes options for those looking to eat healthier while dining in the comfort of their home! Eating healthy doesn't have to be difficult! Members equipped with our card will have access to many resources that will give them the knowledge and confidence to embark on their own healthy eating journeys and help turn their health goals into a reality!

Eat Right. Live Well.